Letters to the editor: Self-regulation

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Dec 3 2013, 09:34am hrs

Apropos of the column Shelve self-regulation (FE, November 28), I totally agree with the author SL Rao that self-regulation has failed in our country simply because the persons heading the regulatory bodies succumb to pressure from peers of the erring professionals. They just dont stand up for what is right. The fear is that the institute which they represent will come under ignominy. The powers that be must take suo motu action on erring professionals and not wait for a complaint to be lodged by another individual or body. After a complaint is received, no hurdles must be put like paying enquiry fees etc. Even anonymous complaints could merit consideration for investigation if the error complained of is of a serious nature. Unless heavy responsibility is fixed by legislation on the office bearers of the regulatory bodies levying heavy penalties, things will remain as they are and most of the investigations will be eye-washes and the purpose of self-regulation will be defeated.

S Srinivasan, Chennai

AAP ki adalat

Apropos of the column AAP ki adalat (FE, November 25), while saying that corruption was a terrible problem, its larger solution to corruption was governance reform and reducing areas of friction between the ordinary citizen and the sarkar, the author should have elaborated how it can be done when the lawmakers are reluctant. Lokpal is not Anna Hazares invention. The Lokpal Bill is hanging fire for decades and all recommendations for political and administrative reforms are consigned to the dustbin. Majority of countrys citizenry are disillusioned with the politicians, their politics and with the present system of governance which is by the politicians, of the politicians, for the politicians. Annas movement couldnt have been a continuous process. His team may have fallen apart but it did its job well. The anger ignited by his agitation in the minds of the people against corruption of the establishment persists. Peoples verdict will be out in a few months. Annas format of Janlokpal may be faulty but the country definitely needs an omnipotent Lokpal. Now when Arvind Kejriwal has launched the Aam Aadmi Party and is in the game in Delhi elections, other political parties are scared of the popularity the AAP has gained within a short period of time and there are all-out efforts to project the party-members as corrupt. But we cannot dismiss the fact that the AAP has got a model of governance which, it appears until now, is different from the failed one we have been accustomed to. Unless the AAP is given a chance to prove it, it is unfair to dismiss the party.

MC Joshi, Lucknow