Letters to the editor: Pre-poll survey vs exit poll

Updated: Nov 7 2013, 10:20am hrs
Recently, there has been a hot debate on exit polls versus pre-poll surveys. A ban on opinion poll is justified. It definitely influences some section of voters. But exit poll cannot alter the result that is sealed in the box. While the demand for ban on opinion poll or pre-poll survey is not without valid reason, ban on exit poll makes little sense. Peoples curiosity to know about the possible outcome of the election need not be suppressed since most of the time exit-poll results are very near to the results obtained after counting. Further, the probable winning party can start making arrangements for taking decision on the prime ministerial or chief ministerial candidates without wasting much time after the results are finally announced. Therefore, exit poll must stay on since it doesnt hurt anyway.

KV Seetharamaiah, Hassan

Alls still not well

This refers to the report Q2 data healthy, but alls not well with India Inc (FE, October 21). We should not lose hope. It only gives an incentive to take corrective action and march forward with confidence, good governance and hard work. In this context, the report by the well regarded corruption watchdog Transparency International comes as a silver lining. Evaluating 100 emerging market companiesespecially from the BRICS countries, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, India and ChinaIndia is at the top in terms of transparency, accountability, reporting etc. This is a further boost for us to make required corrections, if needed, in order to make our economy healthier.

Jacob Sahayam