Letters to the editor: No failed attempts

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Jun 4 2014, 10:23am hrs
No failed attempts

This refers to the editorial 'Worse Off' (FE, June 3). If one looks keenly at the decision taken to increase the number of attempts at civil services for aspirants across categories, this is line with the number of attempts allowed for major examinations held each year over the world including CAT, GMAT and many others. Just like there is a liberal ceiling for these exams, so why not for the civil services. While I agree that after four attempts also if a candidate cannot clear the exam, what good will it be if he clears in either of the last two attempts. But the point is that this will help filter serious aspirants. A mental fatigue sets in after repeatedly failing to clear exams, so the non-serious ones would anyhow quit early. Moreover, this would allow more services officers to be at play in the development of nation. One area where focus could be increased is in the pattern and the coursework of the examinations. It should be something that tests communication, decision-making and applied skills instead of merely rote learning. Such a reform would usher in a new era.

Gaurav Gupta, Delhi

No GoM zone

It has to be noted that the NDA government is acting fast as was expected by the electorate. The first and one of the best thing this government has done is to dismantle all GoMs and EGoMs, hallmarks of the UPA era, so that decision-making is fast and accountability and responsibility can be fixed. This is indeed a praiseworthy move.

Jacob Sahayam