Letters to the editor: My Sardar

Updated: Nov 18 2013, 10:53am hrs
Shekhar Gupta is right to point out the Congresss hypocrisy in being territorial about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. However, Gupta was uncharitable towards the BJP by saying that they borrow and steal from the Congress (My Sardar vs yours, FE, November 4). The fact of the matter is that the BJP is right to have brought attention to Patel. The Sardars views and actions are close to the heart of every right-thinking Indian. Be it on the matter of the accession of Junagadh, Kashmir and Hyderabad to the Indian Union, or the rehabilitation of refugees from Pakistan, the Sardar was never afraid of being frank about reality. The rising frequency of incidents on our borders with China and Pakistan, and the absence of a muscular response from India, only goes to prove what we can still learn from Patel.

Ajay Tyagi, Mumbai

Break the recession jinx

This refers to the editorial Growth versus dole (FE, November 9). As a first step towards breaking the jinx of the recession, a thorough and in-depth analysis of the flagging economy is needed. In fact, natural factors such as monsoon failure/vagaries and floods can play havoc with sectors like agriculture and production. Then, what caused the major problems like economic meltdown, financial crunch and layoffs The blatant failure to implement stern economic rules is the root cause of the mess in industries. As a result, all kinds of financial frauds like tax havens and defaults have popped up now. According to Alfred North Whitehead, ideas wont keep; something must be done about them. India Inc, therefore, should chart out strong strategies to handle all economic issues head-on. Also, the countrys business houses are in dire need of encouragement and boost from the government. The government should show more generosity with a bit of courage in matters of financial assistance and tax benefits for the corporate world.

P Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai

CHOGM meet

It is ironic that the day on which Conscience and cowardice by Shekhar Gupta (FE, November 11) appeared in print, news had already started to trickle in that the Prime Minister was, in fact, going to cancel his trip to Sri Lanka to attend the 22nd Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting (CHOGM). The ruling political establishment prevailed, and the lack of statesmanship in the Congresss ranks was laid bare. One is reminded of the apt saying that a statesman thinks of the next generation, and a politician thinks of the next election. This decision was guided by the perceived gains to be had in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. When will broad national interests take precedence over narrow political calculations

MKD Prasada Rao, Ghaziabad