Letters to the editor: More than NaMonomics

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Sep 25 2013, 08:18am hrs
More than NaMonomics

Apropos of your editorial Jobs versus dole(FE, September 9) it certainly sounds a great idea for Modi and his supporters to pitch for, but it will be difficult for the common man in states other than Gujarat to appreciate what Modi has achieved (or has not achieved). For the common man, it will be a case of dur ke dhol suhaney (distant drums sound better) which can hardly beat the local issues which matter more while what is projected about Modis Gujarat is a faraway dream, or even a fairy tale. Modi may be the right man for the job of PM, but he is in the wrong party! For him to get the BJP to reach a tally of 170-180 when it can claim to form a government cobbling up majority with support from non-Congress parties will indeed be a tough task, what with the entire Muslim vote of over 12 crore determined to make him bite the dust. The two major political arenas of UP and Bihar will undoubtedly determine Modi's future.

RC Acharya, New Delhi

Beware the half-leap

In this new era of economic growth, the nations doing reasonably well, when met with extended periods of stagnation, have all opted for a change in the government. If it was the US in 2008, it was later the eurozone and Latin American countries. China had a routine change but it too is drastically trimming its political sails. India too must want a political change and this is where the injection of Modi into high-end national politics must seed our worries. Neither the BJP nor the Congress have cadre-based presence in half the Indian states, one reason why the nation for decades is under a compulsive coalition governance with all its side-effects. The workings of a decade and more of chief minister Modi would tend to put off most of the ranking regional parties to gel together to form a government with the BJP, should it lead the Congress in the number of seats. If the BJP is unable to touch very respectable figures on its own, the resurrection of the Third Front will loom large on the nation. In the current economic travails, that would be a disaster. A successful big leap forward by the Modi-led BJP in 2014 may prove good, but with a half leap, the nation plunges deeper.

R Narayanan, Ghaziabad

Sustainable growth

This is with reference to the editorial Assets for sale (FE, September 16). The slowdown in the economy has helped contain the ballooning of various businesses which had grown at a tremendous pace given the cheap debt available in India pre-2008. The balancing act of India Inc is welcome, else if the companies go on an expansion spree without simultaneous vertical and horizontal consolidation, they might not be sustainable in the long run.

Gaurav Gupta, New Delhi