Letters to the editor: Long election process

Updated: May 7 2014, 02:10am hrs
The Idea Exchange programme has become very useful for the readers to have clarification on some important issues the country is facing. The world is also watching the election process in the largest democracy. One major question is why there should be such a prolonged voting period covering more than a month The inability to mobilise a large force, states liking to use their own force, some candidates not believing in local forces, etc, may be some of the reasons. It is important that this long spread of a month is reduced. Better use of technology and transport can help. Despite all the cautions and code of conduct, the current election process was still marred by reports of booth-capturing and voter intimidation in West Bengal. Besides, name-calling among those contesting was rampant. This should be a lesson for the Election Commission and the government to device appropriate measures to curb this mud-slinging.

Jacob Sahayam