Letters to the editor: Lokpal's identity

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Mar 12 2014, 09:27am hrs
Lokpal's identity

Apropos of the news report Retd SC judge KT Thomas refuses to head Lokpal search panel (FE, March 4), the Congress talks high of independence and impartiality of democratic institutions but its hypocrisy has once again been exposed in the very preliminary step in the appointment of the Lokpal. After the case of appointment of PJ Thomas as CVC which was set aside by the Supreme Court, the refusal of distinguished lawyer Fali Nariman to join the Lokpal search committee and the withdrawal by Justice KT Thomas as the head of the committee reflects badly on the part of the UPA government, which wants to appoint a Lokpal of its own choice. Justice Thomass assertion that the Lokpal search committee is skewed towards candidates preferred by the government is a clear indictment of the government.

MC Joshi, Lucknow