Letters to the editor: Indian Feudal Service

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Dec 28 2013, 08:36am hrs
Indian Feudal Service

Referring to the Devyani Khobragade case, in his column Our Indian Feudal Service (FE, December 23), Shekhar Gupta has raised some pertinent questions on the Indian government's failure in taking action on the atrocities committed against Indian diplomats in the past and also about the condition of 50,000 Muslims in the camps of Muzaffarnagar. The case has to be resolved in a diplomatic way. At the same time, it calls for reforms in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) against the misuse of diplomatic immunity and other benefits. So, the case has to be tackled wisely.

Jacob Sahayam


Permit private players

Apropos of the editorial Mines ahead (FE, December 21), CIL was expected to produce planned quantity of coal efficiently and economically in an ecofriendly manner. But it is a sorry state of affairs that CIL is at its nadir, not raising coal production. CIL now has to struggle further in order to achieve its mission and the way, clearly, is to open the sector to private players, under the PPP model.

NR Nagarajan, Sivakasi