Letters to the editor: In EUs interest

Updated: Jun 13 2014, 06:40am hrs
Apropos of the column In EUs interest (FE, June 7), despite providing hair-cuts and bail-out packages, there is very little improvement in the peripheral countries of the EU. While monetary stimulus of the type proposed can devalue the euro, it would do harm to core countries. Germany and France were disturbed little when the sovereign debt crisis erupted because these are the countries who know how to overcome the challenge as their economies are stronger in every aspect. Even other smaller countries had remained undisturbed because their house was in order. As the eurozone performance is gauged in consolidated manner, it is the worry that some of the countries are performing badly and even if a few are okay, the average is not satisfactory.

RK Arya, Faridabad

Working hours

On the lines of corporate work ethics, Modi expects the central government employees to work from 8 am to 6 pm. That means 10 hours of work. The state governments will follow the Centre and increase working hours. Abnormal increase in working hours cannot be expected to increase the working efficiency. Two hours of lunch break, as suggested, may bring down the working hours to 8. But it will be of little help to the employees. The existing hours of work are not being put into productive use. That is the real issue.

KV Seetharamaiah, Hassan