Letters to the editor: Good news today

Updated: May 27 2014, 09:56am hrs
Many SAARC leaders attended Narendra Modis swearing-in ceremony. That is good news. And this is perhaps the first time that a new government is hitting the ground running by starting dialogues with our neighbours as soon as the swearing-in ceremony is over. Indias relations with its neighbouring countries, of late, have not been as good as they should be. While there are a number of problem areas, there is also much common ground and scope for close cooperation and collaboration. A much greater effort will have to be exerted in this regard and some out-of-the-box thinking is urgently required. We sincerely hope and believe that the Modi initiative will set Indian diplomacy on the right path.

KU Mada


Dynastic politics

Lok Sabha election results have established that voters have rejected dynastic politics not even in the Congress but also in other parties like the DMK, SP, RJD and others. Voters have also opted for non-BJP parties like the AIADMK, TMC, BJD, etc, which fortunately have no dynasties. Even parties like the LJSP with dynastic tradition won only because of the Modi-wave on their aligning with the BJP. But isnt it unfortunate that party persons from Indias second-largest political party, the Congress, are even now not prepared to come out of a dynastic tradition, as there are talks of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra replacing Rahul Gandhi as their next leader!

SC Agrawal


Foreign policy

Inviting the leaders of the SAARC countries to his swearing-in ceremony, Narendra Modi has got many mangoes in one stroke, indicating his foreign policy of good neighbourly relations. BJP invite to Rajapaksa meets with DMK, AIADMK protest (FE, May 23). But the BJP having single majority, Modi may not be worried and go on with his foreign policy initiatives. His close relationship with the Japans prime minister Shinzo Abe (Twitter friendship blossoms for Modi, Abe, FE, May 23) is a fine feature. We hope these will lead India to play its due role in world affairs.

Jacob Sahayam