Letters to the editor: Going beyond domain

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Apr 5 2014, 08:22am hrs
Going beyond domain

Apropos of the editorial EC overreach (FE, March 26), while the gas price hike is a pre-settled decision, Election Commissions move to defer it for election is beyond its domain and will affect the national economy. Arguably, ONGC being the beneficiary of the decision, it is high time the Election Commission revoked the order and allow gas price hike in national interest immediately. Otherwise, a needless precedent would be set of interference by the Commission in matters beyond its mandate and scope.

Debabrata Sengupta, Howrah

Emulate US example

Apropos of the editorial US lessons for taxman (FE, March 28) which aptly points out the lethargic altitude of the Indian side in making feasible attempts with Swiss banks to provide information on the accounts where the Indians have hoarded their black money on evasion of tax and other illegal sources. Nevertheless, Swiss banks are adamant in revealing the information of Indian account holders on double taxation avoidance convention. As your editorial rightly points out, India has to follow what the US did in locating their tax evaders and bring them under legal scan. What is needed is a serious investigation into how Swiss banks have helped tax evaders circumvent the law.

NR Nagarajan, Sivakasi