Letters to the editor: Fiscal discipline required

Updated: Jul 4 2014, 07:24am hrs
The finance minister is going to do nothing wrong in the Union budget, as he is going to be practical keeping in mind the common man's griwvances. The latter tries his level-best to increase his income as and when he finds it decreasing tremendously. So does a finance minister, for increasing the national revenue in his next budget. Given that the exchequer suffered under the subsidy Raj government for the past ten years, finance minister Arun Jaitley is on absolutely the right track. For a year or two, we may feel troubled, but ultimately we will find that the steps taken by him are highly beneficial to the national as well as our own, individual economic interests in the coming years. Economic discipline is a must right now. If well suffer just for a year or two our future years will be far better. The pains will fetch us numerous gains. A bitter medicine is necessary right now for the improvement of our nations economic health as soon as possible.

Hansraj Bhat