Letters to the editor: Fake addiction

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Oct 28 2013, 08:24am hrs
Fake addiction

Drawing attention to the evils of counterfeiting, Anil Rajput has given a clarion call to Shake off that 'fake' addiction (FE, October 12). Low price and false attractions may lead us to the fall without our noticing the slide. Counterfeiting is illegal. The total loss on account of counterfeiting in a year alone may amount to the mammoth figure of R73,000 crore. And then arises the loss on account of taxes. There could also be a connection between smuggling and terrorism that is dangerous. This is a very serious issue on which action has to be taken without delay. There have to be efforts to put an end to this big menace. Other than updating legislation and regulations with appropriate punishment and penalties, enforcement has to be strengthened. Awareness has to be created among consumers. Punishing not only those who sell but also those who purchase should be considered. Brand value has to be introduced for as many products as possible. We hope the government will take immediate action.

Jacob Sahayam


Punjabs pangs

Apropos of the column The Punjab paradox (FE, October 21), for the longest time agriculture in the state grew as migrants from Bihar and eastern UP provided cheap labour but the advantage stopped over the last few years. The mechanisation in agriculture is displacing the labour and the surplus labour is moving out of Punjab to take up work in different countries. Lack of good educational institutions throughout Punjab has constrained the growth of industries.

RK Arya