Letters to the editor: Compact MPV segment

Updated: Jul 2 2014, 07:27am hrs
Apropos of Marutis Mayank Pareeks interview The Ertiga is now expanding its presence internationally as well (FE, June 28), launching this MPV two years ago was a smart step by Maruti and the Ertiga has had an almost uncompetitive run until now, primarily helped by its competitive pricing. But now with the impending launch of Honda Mobilio and the Datsun Go+ later this year, the Ertiga may have a not-so-easy journey ahead. Mr Pareek though rightly says that competition is good for customers, and healthy competition means the segment will grow, which, in turn, may help further Ertiga sales. Indeed, in the Indian automobile industry, the compact MPV segment will be the space to watch out for.

Bhopal Singh Verma


Google all the way

Apropos of the editorial Supersize, or perish (FE, June 25). Google is not termed the big daddy of internet for no reason. Its founders and top management have got a special knack for viewing the future clearly. Starting from a simple search algorithm to dominating the technology landscape with its world-class apps, internet services and now diversifying into online wallets to driver-less cars and internet via balloons, it is Google all the way. Its crisp services which come bundled free while one enters into an agreement with the company shows that to unearth talent, Google will not leave any stone unturned. And considering the scale and diverse projects it is involved in, it is clear that the world is increasingly becoming dynamic. Banking on a few selected services for revenue, and growth is more like knowingly getting stranded on an island.

Gaurav Gupta

New Delhi