Letters to the editor: Arbitrary transfers

Updated: Aug 13 2013, 10:34am hrs
The suspension of Durga Shakti Nagpal ostensibly for her action against the sand mafia in the state of Uttar Pradesh is more bitter than a mere transfer for not toeing the line of the party in power. The pretext used for placing Nagpal under suspension is that she got the illegally-constructed wall of a mosque which might have led to law and order problems. But even the Muslims have not supported the action of the UP government. Instead, the action of the government has been denounced by the Muslim community and they have stated in no uncertain terms that they should not be used for the convenience of ruling dispensation. UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has reiterated the Allahabad High Court view that it is the prerogative of the state government to place any officer or official under suspension. The High Court has stated that it cannot take locus standi on the matter unless the aggrieved party approaches the Court for redressal of grievances. Transfers should be effected as far as possible only to serve the interest of the state or nation. It should not be an instrument of policy to harass the upright and duty-bound officers as in the case of Nagpal in UP and IPS officer Pankaj Choudhary in Rajastan. Strangely enough, the Samajwadi Party has gone on to say that it would not support the Food Security Bill. Strange are the ways of our political leaders. The refusal to support the Bill for Sonia Gandhi taking the personal interest in the case of Nagpal is puerile. It is unfortunate that politics, not ideology, dictates the Samajwadi Party on the need for constructive support or criticism in matters of national interest.

KV Seetharamaiah

Hassan (Karnataka)

Selectively unjustified

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is vigilant about the unnecessary monetary leverage existing in the system as it can harm the macroeconomic conditions. While growth is the prerogative for a few, the accompanying inflation is coercive for others are one example of monetary conditions. Similarly, on external front, the depreciation of the rupee or excessive volatility could be good for one segment but it may not be overall useful.

Rakesh Kumar

New Delhi