Letters to the editor: Akbarnama

Updated: May 23 2014, 02:26am hrs
This refers to your lead story Modisattva (FE, May 17). Many of us would recall having read a translated version of the Akbarnama, which literally translates into Book of Akbar. It was said to be commissioned by Akbar himself and was compiled by his court historian and biographer, Abul Fazl, who was one of the Nine Jewels in Akbar's court. The book includes vivid description of Akbar's life and times. Akbar, who has been as the Great by world historians. Let's hope Modi leads India in the same way Akbar the Great did. Let's hope for improvement in our relations with neighbouring countries. Let's hope for proper harnessing of India's youth power. Let's hope the common mans basic needs are properly taken care of. Let's hope there is communal harmony in the country the same way it was said to be in Akbar's reign. Then if someone compiles a book called NaMoNama, it would be an apt testimonial to Modi.

JS Broca

New Delhi

Paradigm shifts

Apropos of your editorial Caste in a different mould (FE, May 17), this election was a turning point in Indian politics. Smashing the barriers of class and caste, people across the country voted for development and good governance Narendra Modi has promised. Modi-magic has routed politics of caste, community, religion, fear and, above all, secularism on the basis of which the regional parties in alliance with the Congress ruled the country. Major players of caste and minority politics in Uttar Pradesh, the BSP and the SP, have suffered a heavy setback. Fed up with the misrule of coalition governments, voters in general and young and first timers in particular found in Modi their saviour. After three decades of unstable coalition governments there will be a stable government at the Centre in which the leading party has majority of its own. With no coalition compulsions, Modi is free to take decisions to take forward the country and deliver on the promises he made during his campaigning. He has a big challenge ahead of living up to the expectations of the people.

MC Joshi


Now, lead India

After winning the Gujarat cup for three times in succession to score a hat-trick on the plank of development, the BJP captain Narendra Modi has managed to win in style the prestigious India cup with a thumping margin that completely decimated the Congress. Never before in the Indian political history the contest fought was as one-sided as witnessed in the elections 2014. In fact, Modi appears to be more like the Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is well known to create and repeat miracles. Like Dhoni, Modi appears to be a cool and confident person. Like Dhoni, Modi is known for staying focused on goals to be achieved. Both have demonstrated well that non-performance or under-performance has no place in this intensely competitive world. In effect, there will be more pressure on the BJP and the BJP will have to perform exceptionally well to justify its lead, to the people of India who have reposed tremendous faith in the party.

Srinivasan Umashankar


Build the nation

It is not a surprise that Narendra Modi, who is known for taking decisions on his own, unmindful of criticism, has voiced his opinion strongly with the heads of the RSS that he should be given a free hand not only in the formation of his Cabinet but also in taking crucial decisions at the Centre. Modi is right as he is well aware of the ignominy the earlier Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had to carry on him mainly because of the extra-constitutional authority exercised on him by his party higher-ups Sonia and Rahul. With the massive mandate given to him by the people and the great trust they have reposed on him, Modi should not allow himself to be bogged down by the dictates of the RSS and its other sister organisations, and he should act firmly according to his conscience.

Tharcius S Fernando