Letters to the editor: AAPs populism wont pay off

Updated: Jan 18 2014, 11:08am hrs
Apropos of the column AAP policies portend economic ruin (FE, January 15), the analysis of the party's hasty, populist decisions is bang on. Mainly because the AAP fancies itself as the sole custodian of political rectitude and honesty, it has fallen into a populist trap. Power tariffs may need review but arbitrarily changing these, bypassing the regulatory authority, shows contempt for established system. The AAP government ought to have waited for an audit establishing the extent of malfeasance and inefficiencies, and then recommended that the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) lower tariffs as DERC alone has tariff-fixing powers. Over 8 lakh people do not get power and are forced to buy power from polluting generators at almost double the official tariff. Subsidising water for the poor is justified. But giving it free to all will encourage waste, water-logging and pollution. The challenges every government has to face are huge and the period of rejoicing was never going to be an extended one. The speed of the AAPs rise could also be its nemesis.

MM Gurbaxani, Bangalore