Letter: Accountability matters

Updated: Oct 9 2013, 09:33am hrs
Apropos of Jamal Mecklais article Accountability crucial to good governance (FE, October 1), Japans remarkable rise from the ashes of the World War II was driven by its strong sense of accountability at all levels, and in all walks of life. Perhaps born out of its long history of shogun traditions, kids from a very young age imbibe family and social values which include accountability for ones actions. The Tina factor may not help the Congress this time unless they quickly go in for a image makeover by jettisoning their baggage of old, corrupt and criminal politicians. Its belated step to withdraw the ordinance negating the recent Supreme Court directive to disqualify politicians who have been jailed for criminal offence was still timely and, overall, a welcome move. With a single stroke they have managed to occupy a moral high ground, fully aware that it may result in their losing some valuable allies. Perhaps it is a risk worth taking given the mood of the nation, in particular the youth that is already fired by the AAPs bold assault on the entrenched political strongholds.

RC Acharya

New Delhi

New approach

The article What next for climate change (FE, October 7) has emphasised the need for cost-effective, reliable renewable energy technologies and emerging, safer nuclear technology. In fact, if rightly applied, it has the double benefit of contributing to solving our power shortage too. In this context, your editorial Opening access, again (FE, October 7) is relevant. A new approach is needed.

Jacob Sahayam