Lenovo P780: A versatile workhorse with great looks

Written by S Aadeetya | Updated: Feb 13 2014, 14:51pm hrs
Lenovo P780Estimated street price of Lenovo P780 is Rs 18,869.
Smartphones have been advancing over the years and cost of owning one has also come down in recent times. But even then, there are some aspects which manufacturers have overlooked, and one of them is the battery life. This is where Lenovo has taken its stand and introduced its P780 smartphone, which like all other brands in the market comes with competent hardware, but refreshingly loaded with a powerful long lasting battery unit.

Getting to know

Lenovo P780 smartphone packs 5-inch HD display, running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version, the very common Mediatek quad-core chipset along with 1 GB RAM and 4 GB expandable storage. With dual-SIM (GSM+CDMA) option, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS among others, the P780 also doubles up as a charging unit for other devices, thanks to the large sized 4000 mAh battery that is fitted in the phone. Eight MP rear and VGA front cameras complete the hardware dynamics of the P780. Weighing at 176 grams, the P780 is more in tune with the Note 2 in terms of size, ease of carrying but then extra battery life is always a good thing to have.

How does it fair

P780 has all the Lenovo attributeswell built, simple and not shimmery. The display covers the major part on the front outlined by the bezel, while the rear cover is mix of solid metallic finish. Overall, the look of P780 has nothing to talk about or nothing to complain. The HD display is of standard quality being used by brands these days in the R18,000 pricing slab without the glaring omission of a Corning Glass material, which is a big miss. The raw performance of P780 is more matched with the Canvas HD, Xolo Q Series and other mid-segment devices but the only stand out point for Lenovo is the 4000 mAh battery, a size which is more recognised with tablets than smartphones.

The camera does a decent job in daylight conditions with slight time lag between clicking and processing the image. The low light capability is average with evident grain and noise in the images. The front VGA camera does an okay job for video calling support.

Coming to the best part about P780 is the battery life which lasts for more than two days on single charge. During our battery test, running HD videos on Wi-Fi at full brightness delivered usage time of more than 10 hours, which validates the life of P780. On normal usage, two hours of Wi-Fi, one hour gaming, one hour music, 3G 4-5 hours and 3-4 hours calling the phone withstood all pressure from us to charge up for more than two days and frankly the wait became tiring after a while. In terms of benchmark, P780 got 13,897 on Antutu, 4,756 on Quadrant and 1,454 on Vellamo HTML5. These scores can be compared

with Panasonic P51 which posted scores 12,751 on Antutu, 3,876 on Quadrant and 1,469 on Vellamo HTML5.


Display: 5 inch HD display

Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU

Operating system: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


Camera: 8 MP (rear); VGA front cameras

Battery: 4000 m Ah battery

Weight: 176g

Estimated street price: Rs 18,869