Krrish 3: The Game - Fast, slick and endless

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: Nov 19 2013, 16:21pm hrs
Krrish 3 the gameDeveloped by Gameshastra, Krrish 3: The Game was first launched exclusively for Windows phones but the game recently made its way on to the iOS, Android devices.
Gameshastras Krrish 3: The Game gives gamers a chance to hop across buildings as Krrish, Kaal or Kaya; also offers a 3D overview of Mumbai

Fast, slick and endless three words that best describe Krrish 3: The Game developed by Gameshastra. Although it was first launched exclusively for Windows phones, the game recently made its way on to the App (iOS) and Google play (android) stores.

The game play is just like any other endless running game that we have seen in the past. On the main menu, you can select the character you want to play be it Krrish, Kaya or Kaal (Kaal is only available on Windows app as of now).

You can then choose a backdrop for your game from among the options New city (rooftops, Santa Cruz), old city (township, residential) and industrial zone (steel mill, refinery). Each of these areas are in 3D, as they feature various aspects of the city in them.

Dont forget to catch the Bandra Worli Sealink in the background while running across giant posters of the Tata Manza car (good way of utilising ad space). After making the necessary selection, the gamer can proceed ahead with either offline, quick or a customised match.

He/she has to get ready to live up to the role of a superhero (or a mutant if they choose Kaya), as you hop across from building to the other, while performing acrobatic stunts and using gadgets like freeze mine (where you can freeze the enemies) and other weapons to take down the enemies that attack you on the way. You need to slide up to climb buildings or try catching hold of red, glowing stones, in order to gain more points. Its fun when you take over as the player and get a chance to perform parkour moves while traversing through the citys skyline as your favourite character from the film. Graphics are average. Some backdrops looking eerily similar to 24:

The Game (especially the Sea Link). The music is fast and pacey, while the tutorial is good enough to help you understand the game play. Honestly, I expected Krrish 3: The Game to be an adventurous game, where the player gets to fight with supermutants to save the world, but alas, it turns out to be a regular endless running game of run, overcome obstacles and win the level.

Nevertheless, it makes for a fun game which is good enough to keep you hooked while you wait for the next train.

There are moments of adrenaline rush when a character slides across and jumps the very next second. Overall, its a fun game which will keep you hooked, so get in to the Krrish 3 suit and get your running shoes on.

Krrish3: The Game

Price: Free

Available on: Windows, iOS and android

Developed by: Gameshastra

Genre: Action adventure