Kapil Sibal to contest from Chandni Chowk even if Arvind Kejriwal in fray

Written by PTI | Mumbai | Updated: Jan 25 2014, 07:25am hrs
Kapil SibalI am going to contest Lok Sabha election from Chandni Chowk, let anybody be in the fray. Reuters
Amid speculations that AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal could contest against him from his Chandni Chowk constituency, Union Minister Kapil Sibal today said he will be in the fray from there irrespective of who his opponent is.

"I am going to contest Lok Sabha election from Chandni

Chowk, let anybody be in the fray," he told reporters on the

sidelines of an event.

Sibal, a staunch critic of the Delhi Chief Minister, however, said he was not averse to subsidies like those effected in the national capital by the Aam Aadmi Party government with regard to power and water tariff.

"See the point is we are in the election mode... and naturally we all look at the aam admi." he said.

"As a govt, we have been doing this all along for the

last 10 years for the common man. I think that though any

subsidy which has a very negative long term implication for

the economy is not something which is welcome but, at the same time, we must realise that there are certain sections of our country who need subsidies and therefore those issues need to be addressed," Sibal said.

The minister said 800 million people in India do not have

a very prosperous existence and the government must think of


"Therefore, in that context where subsidy is necessary it

should be given and where subsidy has long term negative

implications on the economy then we should think before

giving," he said.

He was asked whether such subsidies would not put further

pressure on the fiscal deficit, making the target difficult to


Taking a jibe at AAP and BJP, Sibal said the Opposition

has provided two alternatives--one who wants to run the

country from streets and the other who does not have any


"In this country we are now being provided with two

alternatives by the Opposition. One alternative has no

ideology whatsoever...they want to govern India from streets."

"The other alternative we don't know what his (BJP's PM

candidate Narendra Modi's) ideology is because we don't know

what his views on healthcare or education is," Sibal said.

On Modi's claim about Gujarat's development model, he

said," The reality on the ground is different from what is in

cyber space".

He said that though BJP talks about liberalisation, it

has opposed many liberal legislations in the Parliament.

"They talk about liberalisation of the economy but they

opposed all liberal legislation in the Parliament. So we don't

know what BJP stands for...we have no idea."

He described Modi as a good "salesman" who does not know

the ground reality.

"He said the other day that I will have one IIT in every

state. He says this is a journey from bullets to bullet train.

We don't know does he know what the cost of a bullet train

is...what one kilometer costs.

"He has no idea but he makes the statement. That's why I

call him a 'salesman' because he is selling a product that has

been outsourced and he is selling well," Sibal said.