Joshis Museum Develops Mini-train For Simulations

Pune, May 19: | Updated: May 20 2003, 05:30am hrs
A mini-model of a railway that interfaces with other equipment and simulates train movements to offer the convenience of carrying out demonstrations in-house has been developed by Joshis Museum of Miniature Railways.

This project was executed for the Hyderabad-based HBLnife, which is a major supplier to Railways. This is the first time such a project has been executed in the country. There have been rail models but none of them are build to scale nor do they have digital controls and simulate the exact movements of the trains, Dr Ravi Joshi, promoter of Joshis Museum said.

The company faced a problem of taking the railway top brasses to the field every time there was a demonstration before installation of equipment which involved a lot of money, time and effort, Joshi said. This led the company to look at a scale mini model which could show the functioning of the equipment and simulate the actual train movement. HBLNife makes and supplies batteries, high frequency track circuit data loggers, digital axle counters and electronic interlocking systems to the Railways.