Jewellery design can be a rewarding career

Written by Rajeev Sheth | Updated: Aug 20 2012, 11:55am hrs
We see that, across classes, Indian consumers are evolving in the area of jewellery purchase. Buyers are now more evolved and they look for certification, authentication marks, purity, pricing, returns and competitive offers as far as buying jewellery is concerned. They have begun to realise that their expectations of quality, variety in designs and certification are not necessarily always met by their local goldsmith.

So, in this evolved market, how can working in the field of jewellery design can be a rewarding experience Jewellery has been an integral part of the human culture, and since ancient times India is renowned for its jewellery designs. Jewellery designing is an artistic course that combines knowledge of conceptualising jewellery design and then manufacturing products. In the last few years, commercialisation of this art has made the field even more competitive.

We believe jewellery today is a means of making a personal style statement and this means there is scope for young and creative minds to try their hand at variety when it comes choosing stones, metals, shape and size of jewellery and so onthere is a buyer out there for each piece created but who needs to be convinced about the quality and usability of the product. Its interesting how designers across the globe work towards creating fascinating products not just for the bigger occasions in life but also for regular use such as office wear, evening outings, parties etc.

We believe in helping the creativity of the designer, and helping him soak up the knowledge of valuable stones and metals, but this has to further meet the precision of highly skilled craftsmen to finally bring to its customers a fine piece of jewellery! As simple as this may sound, jewellery design is an intricate process that requires precision and diligence. We believe in guiding young hands as well as exposing them to the know-how of jewellery trade such as logistics, pricing, marketing, PR etc. There is enough to learn for those who wish to make optimum use of their creativity by further adding knowledge of gems, metals, technology and lastly sales.

The author is chairman & managing director, Tara Jewels