Is your flat vaastu-friendly

Updated: Oct 28 2007, 06:01am hrs
Dr Prem kumar Sharma, Palmist, astrologer, Vaastu expert

So, you have finally decided on a flat. Can all the flats in a township be Vaastu-friendly The answer is an obvious no.

There are some basic parameters for a flat to qualify as Vaastu friendly. According to Vaastu, a house or a flat is affected by a host of factors: direction, shape, size, alignment, location of rooms, internal arrangement, and so on. Before signing the dotted line and saying I buy, look for the following. questions:

* A North or East-facing house is ideal. For a flat, ensure that the entrance is from either of these two directions and the windows and balconies are located in these two directions. The morning sunlight, rich in ultraviolet rays, brings positivity. However, avoid a South or West entrance, as the penetrating afternoon infrared rays are harmful to health.

* The auspicious shapes are square or rectangular. To believe that all flats are either of the two is a mistake. Architects, in some cases, do design them differently. As a thumb rule, avoid triangular or irregular shapes. The former causes losses and the latter mental turmoil.

* The ideal location for the kitchen is South-East, the agni corner, since heat is produced there. Other acceptable directions are South and East but it should never be on the North-East, the region of water.

* The master bedroom, where the head of the family sleeps, should always be in the South-West. The energy of this direction strengthens character and relationships, and also bestows authority and longevity.

* A living room in the North is most ideal. The North-West direction is good as it bestows serenity. If you want to avoid late night parties and get-togethers, as this region of air causes restlessness and makes the guests leave early. If you want your house to remain full of guests opt for a living room in the South-West. So, take your pick

* The dining room, obviously, needs to be near the kitchen and the living room. Its most ideal location is in the West. However, it should never be near the bathroom or the toilet.

* The impressionable minds of children need a nurturing environment. So, locate the childrens room in North, East, North-East or North-West of the house.

* Whether it is a room or a corner, the recommended direction is the North-East. Never locate it in the South or South-East.

* Locating the toilet towards the North-West is auspicious. However, it can very well be located in South, South-East or West. In case you have no choice, ensure that you face South, when using the toilet.

If your flat is not totally Vaastu complaint. There are various upayas or remedies that can remove all the Vaastu doshas or defects from your house, bestowing health, wealth and prosperity!