Infra dig

Updated: Jan 2 2014, 03:06am hrs
At a time when the government is looking at the private sector contributing over half of the infra-spend which is projected to double to $1 trillion in the current Plan periodIndia Inc is not in any position to do so. Apart from being vastly over-leveraged, infra firms are unlikely to borrow much more from banks. According to RBI data, while infra firms accounted for 14.7% of all bank advances in September 2013, they accounted for 30.3% of all stressed loans. In March 2009, the balance was relatively okay with infra loans accounting for 9.5% of advances and 8.3% of stressed assets. Which is why infra firms today are desperately looking to divest stakes in projects they should never have got into in the first place. Thats also a big lesson for banks.