Infosys BPO plans to hire 14,000 in FY15

Written by Shruti Ambavat | Mumbai | Updated: Feb 14 2014, 06:47am hrs
InfosysInfosys BPO has partnered with Nasscom to build 180-hour content for colleges
The business process outsourcing arm of the $8-billion IT software solutions provider Infosys, Infosys BPO, is looking to hire 13,000-14,000 people for FY15. The company, like many other BPO firms, is changing its hiring and training strategy to meet customer demand.

We are evolving more towards customer centricity. The way this industry is moving, there is micro-verticalisation happening, Raghavendra K, vice-president and head, HRD, at Infosys BPO told FE. Customers today are more focused on outcome and cognisant of the role of digitisation and innovation, he added.

Raghavendra has changed his outlook to technology and automation from hiring raw people earlier and then providing them with required skill-set. The line between voice and non-voice is diminishing, he said. The process of training employees is more than just an HR job; it requires the department of operations to come into the picture.

Infosys BPO has partnered with Nasscom to build 180-hour content for colleges. We are working with 23 universities to see if we can develop certificate programmes or run degree programmes, which can give a flavour of where the BPO industry is headed, Raghavendra said.

He acknowledged the attrition challenges prevailing in the BPO industry. The challenge today is to retain the employee for the first one year. After a person has crossed that one-year hurdle, my attrition level drops significantly because he can then see a career ahead of him. Our challenge is to ensure that they dont see us as a first step to get into the corporate world, he said. Infosys BPO witnessed an attrition rate of approximately 35% last year. People coming from Tier-2 towns like Nashik to a Tier-1 city like Pune will have money as a big concern, Raghavendra said.

To ensure the growth of an employee, we have to keep all the parts of lifecycle connected; tie up with universities and ensure re-certification for mandatory programmes ,which employees have to go for in the job. I cannot look at only salary hikes, but at an entire gamut of things. Last year, the company handed out an average wage hike of 8%.

The company has to focus on customer retention. We need to have local market expertise. Today, we are servicing global clients locally. In Costa Rica, we manage the business of that region and so on, Raghavendra said. India is not a cheap destination anymore.

Infosys BPO has opened new centres in Phoenix in the US and Puerto Rico. It has 25 centres out of which five are in India. We have to ensure global standardisation of the Infosys value-add that we have been so proud of so far, said Raghavendra.