India's top surfing hot spots

Written by FE Online | Mumbai | Updated: Nov 27 2013, 22:52pm hrs
SurfingThe waters are favourable for surfing with no extensive reefs or shark infested waters. Reuters
With a coastline of around 7,516 km, India has one of the finest beaches in the world. The waters are favourable for surfing with no extensive reefs or shark infested waters. Surfing is however an unexplored activity in the country. Probably people want to go out and conquer the swell, but do not know where to. Here is a list of five surfing destinations in the country:

1. Murdeshwara

In the district of Uttar Kannada, situated 16 kms from Batkal, this beach is known as a surfers paradise for; the four consecutive coves, white sand beached, isolated area, cliffs, no sharks. Bounded by the blue sea and high hills, this place is a favourite destination for surfers. Surfing here with the view of the sun sinking into the sea at dusk, is the best activity of visitors who are mostly beginners.

2. Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach, with its golden sands is one of the best surf spots in India. Here, surfing gets very special conditions around the month of May. The Surfing Federation of India had also hosted a Surfing competition in this beach early this year called the Spice Coast open 2013. Kerala Tourism Department is taking up methods to improvise on this sport. They are investing money to create an artificial multipurpose submerged surfing reef. Thus surfing in Kovalam may soon attract more tourists.

3. Vizag

A few local enthusiasts and water body sports specialists are hell-bent on making surfing a popular sport in this part of the country. With one of the most splendid stretch on the eastern coast, the beaches of Vizag have good potential to become a hub for surfing. Rushikonda is one of the beaches which produces gigantic waves, but has to be developed a lot in terms of cleanliness.

4. Andaman Archipelago

The Andaman waters are still unconquered by the surf-boarders. This exotic destination has extremely clean and scarcely crowded beaches which is a turn on for the surfers. Moreover, there are 550 islands out of which only a handful have been explored, still a lot of places have to be surfed. The Andaman has been on many surfers wish list, but due to its not-so-easy accessibility, many havent thought about. Still considering the good windswell, it can be termed as a surfers paradise.

5. Puri

On the eastern coast of India rests the holy city of Puri, this land is majorly famous for its temples and its splendid beaches. This destination has already attracted may surfers and has the potential to become a surfing hotspot in coming years. The tides of Puri is also famous for hosting the first India surf festival in 2012, which makes it even more popular as a surfing destination.

Word of Advice: Surfing is a very attractive and action packed sports, but newbies please enter the water under the surveillance of a certified surfer.