India's hotel prices saw 6 pct rise in 2013: report

Written by PTI | Mumbai | Updated: Mar 9 2014, 16:44pm hrs
Indian HotelsIn spite of the fall in yen value, Japan saw 10 per cent rise for Indian travellers at Rs 8,195, the report revealed.
Even as 2013 was a challenging year for the hospitality sector, the average hotel prices in the country grew by six per cent from the previous year at an average Rs 5,254 per night, according to a recent report.

Average hotel prices in 2012 stood at Rs 4,942 per night, according to the latest's 'Hotel Price IndexTM'.

Macau recorded the highest increase of 29 per cent to Rs 12,321 per night in Asia followed by Thailand 13 per cent at Rs 5,667 and the Philippines 11 per cent at Rs 6,420.

In spite of the fall in yen value, Japan saw 10 per cent rise for Indian travellers at Rs 8,195, the report revealed.

Globally, Ireland, which became the first country to exit the Eurozone 85 billion euro bailout programme, saw the highest increase of 41 per cent to Rs 8,216.

With price rise of 23 per cent at Rs 13,567 per night, Russia was a country where Indian travellers paid the most.

Two other countries most impacted by the financial crisis saw a healthy revival in their rates, with Greece up 18 per cent at Rs 8,435 and Portugal up 17 per cent at Rs 5,784.

However, Poland was the only European destination in the region where Indian travellers paid the least with the prices declining by nine per cent to Rs 5,338 compared to 2012.

In Latin America, Mexico saw a 25 per cent increase to Rs 8,475 per night with regard to the average hotel prices paid by Indian travellers.

The prices paid by Indians in both the US and Canada grew by 18 per cent to Rs 9,446 and to Rs 9,017, respectively while South Africa tumbled by 12 per cent to Rs 8,136 per night.

As per hotel prices paid in India during 2013, there were mixed results, amongst the major changes. Goa recorded a healthy rise of 9 per cent to Rs 5,927, the report said.

Three destinations saw a four per cent rise in prices - Kolkata to Rs 6,433, Bengaluru to Rs 6,215 and Cochin to Rs 5,290 compared to 2012.

However, Chennai saw a decline of eight per cent to Rs 5,897, Hyderabad dropped by 7 per cent to Rs 5,509 and Pune was down by 5 per cent to Rs 5,243, the report revealed.

In the average price paid for a hotel room in India by visiting nationality, Europeans paid the highest.

Visitors from Belgium spend the most at Rs 6,363, up 25 per cent from 2012, followed by Finland and Italy by 22 per cent at Rs 6,187 and Rs 6,098, respectively.