India will produce next breakthrough app, says Microsoft Corporation

Written by PTI | San Francisco | Updated: Apr 3 2014, 18:04pm hrs
Microsoft-NadellaMicrosoft Corporation CEO Satya Nadella gestured during his keynote address at the company's 'Build' conference in San Francisco. (Reuters)
Microsoft Corporation has said the next breakthrough software application will come from India, which develops more than 10 per cent of the apps and is home to one of the largest IT industries in the world.

"The fact that more than 10 per cent of the apps are being developed by Indian citizens is a great thing. People want to tap in and acknowledge the power Indian developers have. There is no secret that India has a lot of software developers," Joseph Landes, General Manager, DPE -Microsoft Corporation in an interview on the sidelines of the Build 2014 -- the annual developer's conference.

"I think, (what) we should do in India not just to be known in making apps. People know, we can do that and that we have great software developers. Now the next step would be to have that breakthrough app that everyone in the world uses and it came from India. That's a big thing. And we (Microsoft) spend a lot amount of time on it," he said.

"It (next breakthrough app in India) is not just possible, it is going to happen," said Landes, who is now based in Bangalore.

Microsoft, he said, has focused majorly on the Indian market. In fact, many of its new products including that of Nokia, which it has acquired, are being launched in India ahead of their US launch.

Microsoft Corporation is encouraging Indian developers to be innovative and come forward with their new ideas.

Describing the Indian market of great significance to Microsoft, Landes said many of the announcements made at its developer's conference are not only applicable to India, but also many of them would be available in there ahead of other countries.

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Stepen Elop, executive vice president of Nokia introduces the new Nokia Lumia 930 phone during a keynote address of the Microsoft Build Conference in San Francisco. (AP)

"India is doing so well, selling phones. People really love the Nokia brand, Nokia phones. In some ways the announcements (here) are more quickly applicable to Indian market," he said.