Indias march towards 50m digitally connected users

Written by anuja kumar behera | Anuj Kumar | Updated: Aug 30 2012, 05:33am hrs
A lot is being talked about Indias new-age Dandi March towards a digital revolution. On looking at it closely, one will realise that what is bringing about this revolution is a device owned by many and a medium understood by all.

Indias mobile subscriber base which reached 638 million by the end of last year had 51% mobile penetration, says a recent Gartner report. Clearly this makes mobile the front runner among other internet compatible devices like PC and tablets. Backing this fact is the simple logic of cheaper and affordable mobile devices flooding the markets; and also their easy-to-use and on-the-go exclusive feature. Hence, without doubt, the upsurge of mobile phones and mobile internet is what is supporting the backbone of this digital revolution.

Internet has caused a flood of information which tends to be mostly in Hinglish in India. This overload of content cuts across the crucial boundaries of language and literacy levels in a country like ours through the medium of videos which offer viewers an experience altogether. After playing such a vital role for the Indian audience, video content has now become a convenience to users through the ground breaking change of being at their beck and call. Various websites are now solely dedicated to a particular genre of videos. Prime time has become my time as users catch their favourite TV soaps online. With 15.5 million Indians visiting Youtube every month, one can only be sure of a brighter future of the digital industry. Thus, video consumption rise in India is also what is helping the digital revolution to materialise.

Reports have also ranked India 4th globally in watching videos over mobile. This includes mobile TV as well. The penetration, they say, is highest among consumers in late 20s (Nielsen report). The growth of advertising will be moving in a more meaningful direction once users see what they most probably want, while watching what they are and advertisers reach the people only they intend to. Mobile phones, one owned by each and thus used for consuming video content by individuals, hit the bulls eye by helping advertisers reach only and only their target audience.

This is how both mobile and videos have risen in their own worlds and now infuse to connect people where they are, and with what they have. Making the most of this revolution are the digital solution providers marrying internet devices to video content. To ride high on this tide of opportunity, companies are paying attention to every cutting edge technological development and are being extra sensitive to the attention span of users these days. It takes nothing more than what people are watching and on what they are watching to be a part of this digital industry which is expected to be worth R3,535 crore by the end of this year (IAMAI).

By bridging this gap between devices and content, companies are linking users to each other through the same medium, on the same platform, causing them to be the ultimate reason for the digital revolution. This further promises a technologically brighter future of India.

Affle has recently launched Ripplea rich media and video advertising network. With the growing convergence of connected devices, Ripple is an integrated ad network which offers cutting edge advertising solutions across all smart screens. Ripple is backed by some solid technology innovations built by Affle thus making it significantly more engaging for users and valuable for advertisers and publishers.

The writer is co-founder & CEO, Affle, a Singapore-based digital media company