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Updated: Dec 18 2012, 09:24am hrs
States detect 25,519 illegal mining cases till June

The government said on Monday states have detected a total of 25,519 illegal mining cases with fines worth R622 crore realised till June of the current fiscal. Both the maximum number of illegal mining cases detected and fines recovered are from Maharashtra at 7,721 and R131.43 crore, respectively, mines minister Dinsha Patel said in a written reply to Rajya Sabha. He quoted figures from Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) that gets reports of the mining details from the states. The second highest number of such cases was found in Andhra Pradesh, where 5,227 illegal mining cases were detected and fines worth R93.04 crore were received. Since the state governments deal with cases of illegal mining, therefore, specific details are not centrally maintained in the ministry, Patel said. No illegal mining cases could be found in states like Goa and Jharkhand till June of the current fiscal.

CIL submits preliminary plan to develop 119 mines

The government today said Coal India (CIL) has submitted an initial perspective plan for developing 119 mines allocated to the PSU firm. The ministry of coal in May 2012 has tentatively assigned 116 coal blocks to CIL. Further, three coal blocks viz Brahmini, Chichro Pastimal and East of Damogoria from the deallocated coal blocks have been assigned to CIL for undertaking mining. Coal India (CIL) has submitted a preliminary perspective plan for development of above mines, minister of state for coal Pratik Prakashbapu Patil said in a written reply to Rajya Sabha. Earlier, CIL had expressed hope that it can start mining in 13 of the 119 blocks allotted to it in one or two years.

Sugar mills owe R444 crore to farmers for last season

Sugar mills owe over R444 crore to cane farmers out of the total payable amount of nearly R52,000 crore in the 2011-12 marketing year-ended October, Parliament was informed today. Sugar mills needs to pay sugarcane growers R314.24 crore more pertaining to marketing years prior to 2011-12, taking the total outstanding to R758.42 crore. The outstanding cane price payment for sugar season 2011-12 (October-September) is about R444 crore against the payable amount of about R51,937 crore which is less than 1% food minister K V Thomas said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha. Out of the R444.18 crore due for the last marketing season, Uttar Pradesh accounts for the maximum arrear of R112.9 crore, followed by Karnataka (R58.99 crore), Maharashtra (R45.96 crore), Bihar (R33.15 crore) and Andhra Pradesh (R33.09 crore), he added.

CCI procures 7.14 lakh bales of cotton till December 9

Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) has procured 7.14 lakh bales of cotton for R1,534.45 crore till December 9 of the current marketing season. In a written reply to the Lok Sabha, textiles minister Anand Sharma said cotton prices are above minimum support price (MSP) levels in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and majority areas in Maharashtra. In Andhra Pradesh, cotton prices have touched MSP levels, he said. THE marketing season of cotton runs between October and September. Under MSP operations, CCI has procured 7.14 lakh bales of seed kapas as on December 9, 2012, as MSP prices amounting to R1,534.45 crore, Sharma said. He said the government has increased the MSP for cotton season 2012-13 for medium staple cotton from R2,800 per quintal to R3,600 per quintal and for long staple cotton from R3,300 per quintal to R3,900 per quintal.

India talks market access for agri products with China

The country has consistently raised the issue of market access and removal of bottleneck for its domestic agricultural products with China, Parliament was informed today. India-China bilateral trade stood at $75.5 billion, but the ballooning trade deficit in Beijings favour, which rose to about $40 billion in 2011-12, has raised concerns among Indian authorities. India has consistently been raising the issue of market access and removal of bottlenecks for Indian agricultural products on the Chinese side, minister of state for commerce and industry D Purandeswari said in a written reply.