I look for opportunities to talk to people to understand them better: Pradeep Jain

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Jul 22 2014, 07:27am hrs
The job: I really like working closely with my team members. Interacting with them on a day-to-day basis enables me to understand the pulse of the consumers and the market and helps me understand consumer needs.

The weekdays: I am an early riser as getting up before anyone else gives me some precious moments to just be with myself.

Once in office, the first few hours of the day are spent answering e-mails, conversations and more, which are

then followed by meetings and brainstorming sessions with my team members. I indulge in frequent travelling across markets and thus have to

manage my daily schedule with precision to pack numerous activities into the shortest possible time. I love conversations and thus look out for opportunities to talk to people to understand their minds.

The weekend: Weekends are strictly family time if I am not travelling. I prefer going out on drives, quick weekend getaways and social engagements with my family. I prefer being myself on weekends, and take this time to de-stress and stay in touch with my inner self. Being a big movie and music buff, I reserve time to watch new movies or catch up with my favourite songs.

I love reading and am currently reading The Teachings of Gandhi to understand Mahatma Gandhis views on life and social living.

The toys: Karbonn Titanium Octane and Titanium S5 Plus smartphones are my favourites for their faster multitasking abilities and faster and powerful processing abilities. I also trust my Sony Vaio Laptop with all my official documents and files. I have a deep penchant for watches and currently own a couple of Breguet and Rolex watches. I also cannot think beyond my Nikon D7100 DSLR camera, which is my constant companion on weekend getaways and family moments. I keep it handy to capture all the beautiful moments of my life and keep all the cherished memories with me.

The logos: I am not a very brand conscious person and select apparels or anything else on the basis of comfort, suitability and liking. But still brands such as Burberry or Hugo Boss are among my favourites as they deliver the finest quality. I am a great admirer of Audi as a brand as it stands for quality, engineering genius, workmanship and a commitment to product excellence. I have recently booked myself a Bentley, and I am looking forward to driving the same.