I hate the complacency that creeps in at times

Updated: Aug 19 2014, 10:30am hrs
Niladri MazumderAfter Hours with Niladri Mazumder, Sr. Vice President, Seiko Watch India.
1)The job: I was the first Indian employee of Seiko in India. Setting up the company in India in 2007 from scratch and seeing it grow to its current position today, has given me immense satisfaction.

This job gives me the freedom to implement my ideas. Given the exposure and travel that comes with the portfolio, I get to understand and implement the worlds best practices, while ensuring that they are made relevant to the Indian marketplace. I do hate the complacency that sometimes creeps into any team. One constantly has to re-invigorate the team to think out of the box. That is critical to ensure the long term success of any business.

I hate the modern corporate practice of what I call cc escapism, where persons copy others on everything and use it as a tool to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

2)The weekdays: I hate to spend all of the day sitting in office in meetings. Whenever I have time I go to the market, visit the stores, meet agencies, partners and understand the pulse of the market, first hand. I believe that it is very easy for a senior to blame a junior for any failure. I judge my managers on how good they are in enhancing the ability of their team members. If the team fails, instead of blaming the soldiers, the general should first introspect on his own performance

3)The weekend: The greatest love of my life is sports. During the weekends, I try and indulge in some

sport or the other, whether it is to play the sport or to watch it. Other than this on Sunday mornings I love to ride off with my Harley Davidson Biking Group, the Bangalore Pandhis on a breakfast ride of 200-250 km. Being a true Bengali, the rest of the weekends are reserved for adda with friends, sumptuous meals and Sunday afternoon siestas. I try and keep the Sundays free, whenever possible. Sometimes it pays to recharge ones batteries, and on some Sundays my phone is switched off during the evenings, so that I can enjoy my game of tennis or the latest football match on TV.

4) The toys: I cant do without my Seiko Astron especially during my international trips as the watch automatically adjusts itself to the time zone and helps one keep a tab on time. I am not too much of a gadget person and try to keep things as simple as possible. My Seiko watch, laptop, iPhone and iPad are enough to help me through my daily life.

5)The logos: Seiko is my favourite brand as this is one of the few brands that innovates its product, keeping in mind changing consumer lifestyles. Apart from Seiko I like products from Harley Davidson and Landrover in the auto segment; Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch in clothing. I am a great fan of Arsenal in the English Premier League, and Mohun Bagan closer home.

I hope to soon go on a long holiday with my wife in the European countryside in my dream car, a Maserati. Of course, I cannot afford it, and would have to rent one for this dream ride.

As told to Banasree Purkayastha