I feel like a guinea pig on which DU did an experiment that didnt work

Written by Shikha Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: Jun 28 2014, 15:28pm hrs
With the Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) scrapped, the present batch of students enrolled under the FYUP are a puzzled lot, with many wondering what the future holds for them.

I feel like a guinea pig on which the university decided to do an experiment and, when the experiment did not work, it decided to look the other way. I will graduate the same year as students who are going to be enrolled in the university this year. I cant help but feel bad about that, Shivam, a student at Maharaja Agrasen College, said.

While the Standing Committee formed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) has suggested a formula to ensure that students currently enrolled under the FYUP get their degrees in three years, many are questioning if crunching the programme would not impact its quality.

FYUP was not a perfect programme, but a tweaked FYUP would be even worse. The quality of the programme is bound to suffer, if they try to teach us what was taught in four years in three, Ruchi Dhingra, a student, said.

Students are also wondering how the university will teach two entirely different courses in the colleges. FYUP is project-based and requires totally different infrastructure and teaching methodology compared to the three-year undergraduate degree that will come into force. But, the university will have the same number of teachers and infrastructure. How will the university accommodate two entirely different courses of study Swati Rawat, another student who studies in a prominent South Campus college, said.

In the Standing Committee meeting, the Delhi University Teachers Association had also placed a proposal for the current batch of students under the FYUP format. This included scrapping all Foundation and Applied Courses and offering three DC1 and one DC2 paper each in the third and fourth semesters. It was suggested that there be four DC1 papers in the fifth and sixth semesters so that all students can get an Honours Degree in three years.