'I can't sleep without watching TV'

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Sep 10 2013, 15:39pm hrs
Rajiv MalhotraRajiv Malhotra
The job: I like the fact that my role requires me to take care of the India market. This keeps me connected to home even though I am based in Singapore. I like the fact that whenever I need some respite from the usual number crunching and chasing the P&L statement, there are enough creative projects I can work on and recharge my batteries. The only flip side is that it I cant be in India as often as I would like to.

The weekdays: The day usually starts around 9am with the previous nights emails. This is followed by my first cup of tea (in office) and with some conference calls with my colleagues and team members. The phone calls take a big chunk of my time since most of our functional teams are in different locations across the globe. After that and about 200 emails and a few periodic and ad hoc reports later, I leave office around 7pm. I prefer to cook fresh food and eat at home, so I usually drop in at the supermarket on the way back and pick up whatever I am in the mood for. Singapore has great nightlife and since I live close to Clark Quay, the party district, two-three times a week I end up meeting friends there. I usually do a final email check once I am home before watching TV for at least an hour or so. I cant sleep without watching TV.

The weekend: Since I live alone, a part of the weekend goes in cleaning up the mess I make during the week, and rest of the time goes in meeting friends and going out.

The toys: I am an absolute gadget freak and I spend time research-ing new gadgets or enhancing the ones I have. I have almost all the major gaming consoles available in the market PS2, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 attached to my 55" Samsung HDTV and Bose home theatre system. I always carry my Samsung Note 2, which I use for my office emails, and my Bose iME2 headphones. In addition, when I am travelling I carry my iPad 1 which is great to watch movies and surf the net. I recently retired my home laptop and upgraded to an iMac and Im loving it.

The logos: I am a true-blue jeans guy. As a matter of fact, I am proud to say that I havent worn a pair of trousers in years. Most of my jeans are Calvin Klein or G-Star Raw. I also am a huge fan of Apple machines and Samsung phones. I think they are the best in their respective fields. I usually carry a messenger bag and love Tumi, Fossil and Hidesign.

Rajiv Malhotra

Head of Marketing, SouthEast Asia and India, Hotels.com