How about a 31,250 Christmas dinner

Updated: Dec 22 2013, 07:18am hrs
If you want bragging rights by being one of the four people who will partake of the worlds most expensive Christmas dinner, youll have to head to London, where an elaborate meal, using the costliest ingredients on the planet, can be reserved. It will cost 1,25,000 for four people, or 31,250 per person, including rare wines. The menu has been devised by London chef Ben Spalding. The four-course dinner will consist of:

First course: The exclusive meal will start with an extremely rare 37,000 bottle of Piper Heidsieck 1907 champagne that notably predates WW I and will be served in diamond-studded champagne flutes. This will be sipped along with Almas caviar. Almas means diamond, a fitting name for the worlds most expensive caviar. This caviar comes from the eggs of the Beluga Sturgeon, native to the Caspian Sea. The soup course is Birds Nest and there will also be a Pata Negra Iberico jambon, costing 600, the Spanish ham considered one of the best in the world. It will be accompanied by a 150-year-old balsamic vinegar from Modena, again extremely rare and as refined as the best wines, and as expensive. The wine course starts with a 1988 Corton-Charlemagne, Coche-DuR, a classic chardonnay from Burgundy. There will also be Diva vodka. Produced by Scottish-based Blackwood Distillers, it is one of the most expensive vodkas available and is filtered through crushed diamonds and gems.

Second course: Start with a 2,500 Yubari King Melon. Yubari is to melons what Kobe is to beef. The Japanese city has become famous for a particularly tasty melon prized for its juicy sweetness, as well as its beautiful proportions. It is, again, the worlds most expensive melon. This will be accompanied with Whole White Alba truffle costing 3,500. The trifola dAlba comes from northern Italy, the countryside around the city of Alba. Italian white truffles are the most valuable on the market: there will also be saffron stock, costing 500 and imported from Iran. The wine accompaniment is a 1949 Cheval Blanc, classified as a Premier Grand Cru Classe A, the highest possible. In India, a 750 ml bottle costs R4,78,638.

Third course: The traditional Christmas turkey will be given a special makeover with the usage of Dodine of rare breed turkey stuffed with Wagyu beef fillet and heart. This highlight of the Christmas feast comes wrapped in edible 50-carat gold leaf, sprinkled with Akbari Pistachios. Dodine indicates poultry or an animal that has had its bones completely removed. Akbari pistachios are, again, the most expensive and cultivated in Iran. The wine served is an extremely rare 1959 Domaine de la Romanee La Tache, one of the greatest Burgundy wines ever produced. In India, the price would be R3,38,320 a bottle.

Fourth course: The dessert course will be served on gold plates and includes Densuke watermelon, a seedless fruit grown only on Hokkaido Island in Japan. There is also Amadei Porcelana, the worlds most expensive chocolate. It is an artisan variety manufactured in Tuscany and made from single-origin and single-varietal cocoa beans. The coffee is whipped Kopi Luwak, the worlds most expensive. Finally, there is the epic 1976 Chateau dYquem, which stands heads and shoulders above every other sweet Bordeaux wine or from anywhere in the world. Chateau dYquem holds the record for the worlds most expensive bottle of white wine, a single bottle of the historic 1811 dYquem was bought for $1,17,000.