Hotels of the future

Written by FE Online | Mumbai | Updated: Nov 22 2013, 00:20am hrs
Have you ever imagined, entering a hotel room and suddenly music starts playing according to your mood Or ordering your morning breakfast by just touching the digital concierge screen Many hotels are developing new technologies everyday to increase the comfort level of travellers. It has become a tech-race between hotels to discover the latest futuristic finds and impress even the most tech-savvy guests. Many hotels have already implemented some awe inspiring technologies, but there is still a long way to go. Here's a list of seven technologies in hotels which you may find in the near future.

1. Faceless Front Desk

Front desk staffs play a key role in the hospitality industry, right from your checking in's to managing your business meet bookings you need them. But in the near future you may get to see a faceless front desk, which would be more of a do-your-self style panels. A screen where you can do automatic check- in, wherein you need to just provide a biometric fingerprint scan. So you can just walk-in to your room without wasting much of your time.

2. Self service concierge kiosk

A touch screen display panel which can very easily help you in making restaurant reservations, arranging for spa services, recommending night life hot spots, booking transportation, procurement of tickets to special events, and assisting with various travel arrangements and tours of local attractions. Such kiosks can be extremely user friendly and fast enough to do your arrangements and in a more personalised manner.

3. Smartphone room key

Keeping track of your hotel room key or card is difficult This new innovation would enable all you smartphone users to enter your hotel rooms without a key. Some hotels have already started this service, where hotel room door can be unlocked just by flashing your phone. This technology is further being developed, wherein a mobile application can open your room, e-payment while check out, etc. This can help you to travel a bit light.

4. In-room sensors

Hotels are working upon many new type of sensors which would perform different tasks. Sensor's like the body heat detector would sense your body heat and set the room temperature according to your comfort. Some sensors are capable to detect your mood and play songs according to the same. Even sensors will help promote sustainable development, when the traveller enters the room the curtains will open, music starts playing and the lights switch on and vice-verse.

5. Digital concierge

Every traveller would love this service, as it will enable you to order your breakfast or take appointment in the spa with just a touch. This service not only assists you for room service but also gives you some information about your hotel, about the weather outside, some breaking news. The portability, large screen, and long battery life of an iPad makes it suited to the round-the-clock world of hospitality.

6. Mirror television

When a business traveller wakes up, even before brushing he needs to know about the current happenings. A mirror television is an efficient time-saver for such travellers. A mirror television is a concept where the mirror in the washroom is integrated with television. So the traveller can update himself while brushing. For the leisure traveller this is another form of in-room entertainment.

7. Business Bar

Business Bar is a totally unique concept, extremely important for any business traveller. Many a times a business traveller forgets to carry a device, charger, headphone, etc, or some travellers wants to travel light. For such travellers Business Bar is essential. Just like the mini bar which is a collection of food and beverages in room at a price, a Business Bar is a collection of gadgets and all essential accessories. A Business Bar would consist of an iPad, laptop, headphone, charger, e-book reader, etc, all for a price. This can be a very successful innovation, as both business and leisure travellers would utilise such service.

Word of Advice: Too much of everything is bad, technology is no exception. An interaction with a hotel staff is way better than talking to a preset robot.