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Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Jun 10 2014, 08:22am hrs
Campaign: Khushiyon Ka Rangmanch

Brand: CenturyPly

Company : Century Plyboards India

Agency: DDB Mudra West

The Campaign

One of the four television commercials released as part of this campaign, the film opens on an old man who looks around and seeing nobody around, quietly opens a chest of drawers. Taking out a thick book, he opens it to reveal an old black-and-white photograph of a young girl along with a dried rose, perhaps hidden there for years. As he looks at the photo and fondly smiles, somebody says Girlfriend and he automatically nods. He then looks up to find Nana Patekar, with an impish smile on his face as he catches the old man unaware. Patekar smiles at him mischieviously, and sagely tells him Dekho, dekho, Khushiyon ka Rangmanch.

Caught red-handed, the old man begs Patekar not to tell anybody but Patekar plucks the dried rose from his hand and runs out of the room laughing.

Our Take

A cute story, beautifully told without any unnecessary embellishments and great performances by the two characters. An impish Nana Patekar carries the story on his shoulders. And indicates the subtle role of the chest of drawers in hiding the old man's secret for years, in his own imicable style.

Coming to the brand philosophy, CenturyPly's core proposition for quite some time has been that of structural strength with recent campaigns highlighting the core functional benefits of strength and durability of CenturyPly products. This was brought alive by the brand's tagline Sab Sahe, Mast Rahe. But in a category where the consumer has little interest and say in the final product that is bought, the brand had to create a preference for itself. Therefore, the goal was to move away move away from the functional attribute and instead take an emotional route. And thereby, the idea to showcase that the furniture at home is a silent witness to lifes many joys and sorrows, thus setting the stage for life itself. And with it comes a new tagline: Khushiyon Ka Rangmanch.

The other three films in the campaign are on the same lines each pointing out the silent role played by the bed, sofa and dining tablethings we take for granted but which enable us to turn our house into a familiar haven.