Higher Fee For Higher Education

Updated: Jul 9 2004, 04:54am hrs
The Economic Survey has suggested a fee hike in higher education, at the same time expressing the fear that this may be difficult to implement due toconstraints of political economy.

At the higher level there is a case for greater cost recovery, but the political economy constraints may go against the enhancement of user charges, the survey says.

The suggestion appears to have struck a chord with educationists. Says MDI director Dr Pritam Singh,I agree that higher education should be on a cost basis. Unfortunately in India (unlike in the West), higher education is not linked with the capacity to earn. Our universities have become relics of the past. They need an infusion of money to be able to provide facilities and even pay their staff, in some cases. Political gimmicks should not be allowed to stop this process.

Agrees Birla Institute of Management Technology (Bimtech) director Dr Harivansh Chaturvedi,It makes sense to increase fees at the higher education level. University fees have not been revised for years and so bad is the resource crunch being faced by them that basic facilities like library resources and IT connections are affected. However, the fee enhancement should be done in a phased manner.