Heart-shaped World War II hand grenade found on a tree in Singapore

Written by PTI | Singapore | Updated: Jun 7 2014, 01:48am hrs
A heart-shaped World War II hand grenade, found on a tree near a downtown subway station in Singapore, was safely disposed off by the army.

The Singapore Army said in a Facebook post today that a few construction workers noticed a heart-shaped stump on a tree when they were resting near the Outram subway station last night.

But when the workers had a closer look at the stump they realised it was a heart-shaped war relic nestled in the crevice between two branches of the tree.

Later, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team of the Singapore Armed Forces investigated and found the object to be a World War II hand grenade.

In the early 1940s, during WWII, Singapore witnessed heavy bombardment when the Japanese forces invaded the British colony.

Singapore was a major British military base in South-East Asia and nicknamed the "Gibraltar of the East."

On many occasions such war relics have been discovered in remote areas or during digging of construction sites in the country.