Grand Theft Auto 5: Biggest video game bang for the money

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: Oct 18 2013, 21:08pm hrs
Grand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto V is worth spending your time and money on.
Cheats apart, video game Grand Theft Auto 5 is back with just the right amount of drama, action and interesting missions for the gaming enthusiasts on bot PS3 and XBox 360. Who said only films are packed with action and drama, with the perfect colours and locations serving as a cherry on the cake Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV) has proved that there is more to gaming than just the usual. No wonder, Grand Theft Auto 5 broke six different records and made its way to the pages of the Guinness book.

Grand Theft Auto 5 brings us back to San Andreas city and unlike the previous games in the series, it follows the story of three different sociopathic protagonists Michael is a former bank robber who faked his death and moved to San Andreas to live in peace while Franklin is struggling to establish himself in the criminal underworld. Both run into trouble when they accidentally destroy a house that belongs to an affluent man and must earn money to pay him back. Their money-making attempts draw the attention of the third protagonist, Trevor (Michaels old partner) a remorseless psychopath whos interested in seeing how his dead friend is still alive and kicking.

One can notice a great variety in the Grand Theft Auto 5 missions, thanks to the three protagonist system. While you are doing yoga in one, the other will have you wipe out an entire biker gang with Trevor. The gamer can also play as multiple characters on a single adventure. Whats more interesting is that you can switch between all three to complete a mission. The most captivating of these missions are the heists, which is planned and executed by the entire gang. Throughout Grand Theft Auto 5, fellow criminals will keep wanting to join your crew to partake in your heists. Each criminal comes with their own stats that level up when you use them frequently. Beware, because although the lower rung criminals will take lesser percentage of the haul, they are the first ones to make a mistake when things go wrong.

Some of the features that were missing in 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV have made a comeback, with Grand Theft Auto 5 adding more character customisation, missions, landscape variety, property among others. One cannot get enough of the stunning visuals and realistic animation of the game, a feature where the game developer, Rockstar has certainly hit the bulls eye. Although there is a little pop-in and poor texturing in certain places, its tough to notice when youre driving at a high speed, while trying to escape the police. The fabulous soundtrack gives Grand Theft Auto 5 some extra points, with Rockstar providing a host of music radio stations that you can tune in to while driving around the city. The music is used well to enhance the emotional resonance of certain scenes, like the part where I Dont Care Anymore plays in the background as a character drives away from a conflict. Voiceovers are also very well done. The most amazing aspect of the Grand Theft Auto 5 is that you will find something interesting in every nook and corner of the city. Play tennis or golf, watch movies, compete in triathlons or browse the Internet; there are so many side missions that you could spend the entire day and never touch the main plot. Though Grand Theft Auto 5 has its share of weak missions, it has so much to offer that you cant help but like the game.

Overall, Grand Theft Auto 5 is definitely the best GTA till date. Although the game might not appeal to everyone due to the extreme brutality and psychopathic characters, but theres so much to do in the game that its just so overwhelming. It is evident that the makers have put lots of time and effort into dishing out this entertaining fare.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is worth spending your time and money on.