Google says voice search now good for Indian accents

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: Jun 25 2014, 00:23am hrs
Google voice searchIndian accent is now good enough to be recognised by Google, or Google voice search.
Its official. Your thick Indian accent is now good enough to be recognised by Google, or Google voice search has become good enough to understand the ways we speak the Queens language.

At a demo, Google showcased how the voice search features on your mobile phone can now be called upon to find the nearest movie theatre where that movie you want to see is showing as well as to pull up a review and trailer of the same. We deployed 700 volunteers across India to collect voice samples and used our engines to analyse the data, said Sandeep Menons Google Indias Head of Marketing. Since all the analysis is cloud based, the system learns and gets better as more people use it, he said, explaining why more Indias should be using the service now.

Menon said Google has also become good enough to give you answers to questions instead of throwing up keyword based queries. You can also use voice search now to execute commands like Call Home or send a specific SMS to someone. Voice search is available on all devices running Android 2.3 upwards or iOS devices using the Google Search app.

India is a predominantly Android smartphone market with over 85 per cent market share.