Google and Citrix collaborate on new ways to deliver critical Windows Apps to Chromebooks

Written by Jasmine Desai | Updated: Apr 15 2014, 22:05pm hrs
Google ChromebooksChromebooks are experiencing rapidly growing adoption across organizations of all types, including many of the largest enterprises. (AP)
Chromebooks are experiencing rapidly growing adoption across organizations of all types, including many of the largest enterprises. Citrix is working with Google to deliver business-critical Windows apps to Google Chromebooks. One of the key needs for these organizations is to provide users anywhere, anytime access to Windows apps that are critical for business, such as line of business apps for HR, finance and sales. Chromebooks for Business combined with Citrix XenApp virtual app delivery solution and Citrix Receiver for HTML5, enable customers to deliver all types of Windows apps with the high-definition user experience of Citrix HDX technology, and operational scalability for the largest organizations. In addition to secure app delivery, Citrix adds support for collaboration with the recently announced GoToMeeting free, a web-based app that gives users video conferencing for Chromebook users.

According to Amit Singh, President, Google Enterprise, "With the unpredictable weather conditions this winter, Google Chromebooks became the primary tool in our disaster recovery readiness arsenal to ensure we can keep trucks moving nationwide. Employees were given a Chromebook for use inside or outside of the office and virtual access to their productivity, CRM and ERP apps. Combined with Citrix virtual desktop and app delivery technology, Chromebooks are an economical, maintenance-free computing device that provides critical mobile access to our employees."

Citrix and Google have been working together since 2010 to ensure that customers have access to enterprise-critical Windows apps in the Chrome environment. The approaching Windows XP end-of-life brings a tremendous opportunity for organizations to rethink their approach to computing. Enterprises looking to adopt Chromebooks for their users have to address how to deliver business-critical line-of-business apps to Chrome devices. XenApp with the HTML5 Receiver powers Chromebooks with Windows apps and users can get seamless access over the cloud directly to Windows apps. With millions of Windows applications hosted on XenApp already, this helps pave the way for Chromebooks in the enterprise.