Go Puck battery pack review: Convenient but not that reliable

Written by Muhammad Zulqarnain Zulfi | New Delhi | Updated: May 9 2014, 16:08pm hrs
GO PUCKBefore you get any ideas, Go Puck is named and designed after the rubber puck used in ice hocckey.
GO PUCK is a battery charging station, the type that are becoming very common these days due to the proliferation of power -hogging smart devices. Before you get any ideas, Go Puck is named and designed after the rubber puck used in ice hocckey. It is roughly the same size and has a similar weight of around 170 grams.

Specs: 4400 mAh | Dual USB output with standard and rapid charging at up to two amps | Four-LED charge indicator | 170 grams |Shock and vibration resistant ​

I got to use this portable charger for a week and by the end was convinced that this was one of those devices that would be hard to get rid of once you get used to it. In fact, I used it to charge not just my phone, but also a camera, tablet and all sorts of other things.

And it is pretty good at its brief, of charging things. Actually, it goes a step ahead with its RAPID port that charges up to 10 times faster than conventional wall-mounted outlets without damaging the battery of your device. While this is happening, you can use the other port to slow charge another device and that is very helpful in our multi-device oriented lives.

Plus, the Charge Through Technology lets you charge devices even when the GO PUCK itself is getting charged. There is also an active mount that lets you clip, strap or screw the Puck when you are on the move. I strongly recommend this accessory instead of trying to carry the puck in your pocket.

To do a full test, I charged the puck for about three hours and started a 250-km journey to Dehradun from Delhi. I use two power guzzlers, the iPhone 5s and a BlackBerry Curve 8520. And I was expecting the 4400 mAh battery to be able to easily charge both the phones. However, the Puck drained out by the time the Curve was fully charged and the iPhone still had about 35 per cent to go. This was surprising as same phones took me just 15 minutes to charge earlier. But that could have been because the battery was not fully charged in the three hours that I plugged it in.

Despite the disappointment, I am convinced that this is a good option for those who have multiple devices to make full use of the extra-large battery on this charger.

Price: $69.99 (Rs 4,500)