Garmin Vivofit: Light and sexy, this nifty little device will surprise you

Written by Anirban Ghoshal | New Delhi | Updated: Aug 21 2014, 15:43pm hrs
GARMIN VIVOFITGarmin Vivofit is priced at Rs 9,990.
Health is wealth! As clichd as it sounds but the proverbial statement is gaining more and more significance in our daily lives. A casual workout has become a necessity to distress from hectic work schedule and keep your wealth at premium.

And herein steps up Garmins new fitness bandthe Vivofit. Surprisingly light, water resistant with Nike Fuelband like sexy looks, this nifty little device will surprise you. What Vivofit does is gives you a lot of freedom as the battery is quite strong and does not need charging for a year. So the user doesnt have to take it off, charge it and put it on again. Although the battery needs to be changed physically after a year. Plus, the device sits quietly on your wristno sound or vibrating alerts. It simply displays a red line with an arrow head when it wants you push forward to attain your daily calorie goals. The red is a measurement of your inactivitywhen you get up and go for a walk, itll start to shrink and eventually disappear.

General movement is tracked by the device through the accelerometer, giving you a reading of the number of steps you have taken so far in your day, and how many are left to go. What is a shame is the lack of an altimeter, meaning that you wont be properly rewarded for those lengthy stair climbs.

The device also provides a hassle-free experience and is easy to use. Press the Vivofits single button and youll scroll through six core metrics: Time, date, steps taken, steps remaining to goal, calories burned, and total distance. You can eliminate some of these in the device settings in the companion app or website (which requires you to plug the included ANT stick into the computer) if you want to make scrolling faster. The Garmin Connect companion app is available on both Android and iOS, free of charge, and supports all Garmin fitness products.

In order to use your Vivofit, youll need to register it via the app; this means setting up a Garmin account (if you dont already have one) and entering personal information like height and weight. And to pair the two, you need to hold down the Vivofits solitary button until Sync appears on the display. Then, once a connection is made and Syncing with Vivofit pops up on the bottom of the app, you have to wait for a loading bar to make its way across the screen to complete the process.

The device also comes with sleep tracking. It knows or finds out when youre going to sleep as it can work this out by your movements. But if youd rather tell it manually you can do so by holding down the button until Sleep pops up on the display.

To increase customer experience, the user may choose My Fitness Pal app (Garmins own app) which will aid in monitoring calorie intake, help set calorie goals and complete the Vivofit fitness experience.

All in all, it seems that Garmin has taken an accurate first jab at what a 24/7/365 life tracking fitness device should be.

Estimated street price: Rs 9,990