Game review: FIFA World Cup 2014

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: Jul 19 2014, 20:27pm hrs
SoccerThere is no doubt that the game is high on some really good features and the game play keeps you hooked on.
FIFA World Cup 2014 might have concluded with a bang last week. But fans of the game can go on and enjoy playing as members of their favourite nation in Electronic Arts latest offering 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. The opportunity was perfect for the developers, since almost every sports fan across the globe is high on the football fever since a month and it will continue to be this way for at least some time. But, with their popular annual edition (FIFA 15) coming out in September, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil title not only needs to provide wholesome entertainment, but stand out with excellent features as well.

There is no doubt that the game is high on some really good features and the game play keeps you hooked on. Among the game modes, it is certainly the world cup mode that the gamer will be most excited to try out first (at least, thats what attracted us first). Just like one can expect, the mode starts off with the gamer choosing a team and playing through group stages to reach the knockout stage. Once there, you fight it out against the top teams and dribble your way through to the semi finals and ultimately, an inch away from winning the coveted golden trophy in the finals.

The Captain Your Country mode is a lot like the Be a Pro mode. You choose a player and then, get ready to be pitted against three opponents on the national squad, for the coveted armband (in simple terms captaincy). The player needs to show off some serious skills, in order to outclass other contenders, during both the matches and training. Road to FIFA World Cup is an offline play, where the gamer and their friends can pick any one from the 203 recognised nations and take them through the qualifying campaign. There is also a smaller mode named Story of Qualifying. Whats interesting is that no matter which mode you choose, the player can opt for training drills, which helps boost the players statistics. Those who have played FIFA 14will realise that the World Cup title plays slightly smoother and quicker in comparison. There are quite a few adjustments and fixes that have improved the overall experience. Penalty kicks are simplified, the gamer can put more pressure on the goalie by adjusting set-piece tactics and you can even guide runners to the nearpost for flick-ons among others. But no need to fret, most of the game play is almost the same, so there will be some familiarity.

We absolutely loved the graphics. The game builds up some serious excitement with a fabulous presentation, which showcases the wonderful atmosphere of the host nation Brazil, within its user interface. The dominance of hues like yellow and green look spectacular on the main menu. What we also like is the inclusion of the EA Talk Radio feature, where you can choose between two sets of commentators, both of whom are thoroughly entertaining. Their commentary sounds so natural, that you almost feel like you are soaking in the sun and enjoying the game live in Brazil. Although this title has a shorter shelf life and cant replace the mainline series, it captures the wonderful World Cup mania perfectly. Until the hardcore fans of this franchise get their hands on the new title later this year, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is surely your best bet.