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Updated: Jul 23 2014, 18:52pm hrs
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In the part-I, we have conversed about Bhagavad Gita and Modern Science perspectives and role of Intellect in constructing the focus. Lets perceive the other important points which will establish the momentous focus.

The Discipline of Execution

Just understanding the importance of specifics doesnt get you there unless you combine your dreams with the discipline of execution. We all need to have a goal which can be measured on a daily basis.

What is everyday growth Lagging and leading indicators on a day-to-day basis If you cannot measure it, then you cannot achieve it, and this is the universal truth.

For example, the day Michael Phelps won an Olympic gold medal in 2004 (100m Butterfly), he set himself a new goal of winning a 2008 gold medal as well. He was so keen on this goal that he started practicing the very next day. He continued this discipline of daily practice till he won that 2008 gold. He holds the record for the most number of Olympic gold medals (18) of all time. In an Interview, M. Phelps attributed his success to his Coach Bob Bowmans disciplined and regimented ways of coaching. And Bob Bowman described Phelps as "a solitary man with a "rigid focus. People who master the art of constructing focus achieve remarkable results and remain a role model for many youngsters.

Focus Based on Behavioral Type

Normally, all humans have three main behavioral characteristics: Feeling, Thinking, and Acting. The people who limit their focus to feelings achieve little in their life as they only feel about their goals or any given subject and act rarely. Likewise, people who think a lot but lack the actions also struggle to achieve a goal. People who think and act are the most powerful unit in this world as they think and follow through with massive actions till the achievement of the goal.

For example, Dhirubhai Ambani had action-based focus; he acted on every single business idea that came to his mind. He thought of selling petrol and created a refinery. There are many who have dreams to build a refinery but never actually build. So action-based focus will separate you from the average crowd. Bhagavad-Gita calls such people KarmYogi (Action-Driven).

Sense of Possibility

You will have to create a sense of possibility for yourself. Sense of possibility means action-based aura, which creates a belief in yourself that you can achieve your goal. Few people have the ability to refocus in every aspect of life. In such cases, instead of being disappointed with your past failures, you can shift focus and be happy in advance by thinking about future glory or fulfilled dreams.

This e-book is gifting you the wonderful possibility of constructing a powerful focus and making your dreams come true. Everything you need to achieve your goals is within you and your mind. Your actions determine your success. So stay ignited and stay focused!

Summary and Action Plan to Create Focus

1. Focus begins with a peaceful mind, so get your mind in a peaceful state first with fewer thoughts. At that point, we should focus on our capabilities and not our limitations. Focus on where you want to go and not what you feel panicked about. 2. Focus needs specific goals in all areas of life, so create magnificent and inspiring goals in life.

3. Observe yourself. Do you focus on emotions or intellect You will need to understand whether you spend time understanding emotions, or thinking using intellect And why Spend more time with your intellect and not emotions.

4. Observe yourself and identify your behavior type. Identify the time you spend in thinking and executing actions. Which one do you do more You need to spend a massive amount of time in actions towards the goal and not only thinking!

5. Observe your actions and identify where and when you are most disciplined in your life. Is it while achieving health goals or career goals Identify the self-trigger for disciplined goals. Which aspect helps you get disciplined to create focus List those aspects and set goals.

6. Repeat steps one to five for all goals! Practice it and share your success stories to improve your confidence.

Subsequent to the construction of focus, lets see the next aspect of self-transformation, which is our ability to believe.

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