Flickbay: Networking for cine buffs!

Mumbai | Updated: Oct 11 2013, 23:42pm hrs

Considering we are a movie-crazy nation, Jayesh Parekh and Amit Anand saw in it an opportunity to take this craze to the next level. They have come up with a unique website called Flickbay, which they describe as a social network for Bollywood. A concept that immediately had film-maker and actor Farhan Akhtar and his partner, co-producer Ritesh Sidhwani come on board to endorse Flickbay.

Interestingly, the major aim of the website is to promote word-of-mouth reports of movies with members of the audience giving their feedback for a film. It also has a lot of features, where people can see the promos, have access to film posters, the place and timing a film is being screened at and know what other people think of a film. Instead of critics, you get to corroborate your views with those having similar sensibilities. In order to appeal further to the common man, the website has used colloquial terms like Kamaal Hai Bay and Hatt Bay which one can use to review a film.

It also provides a platform for film-makers to get first-hand reactions of the audience for their films, something that Akhtar finds intriguing. Sidhwani on what drew him to come on board, explains, Its got unique features. What drew me to this is that it gives an opportunity to connect with people who think about films. Its something Im waiting to log on to. It can (also) help you find out about the number of people that share your sensibilities when it comes to movies. When youre making films, something like this gives you a platform to know what the audience wants and how they are reacting to the material youve put up, in terms of trailers or promos.

Akhtar echoed a similar opinion, adding, I was intrigued by it from the word go. Eventually as individuals and people, how do we connect with each other We connect to each other on similar interests be it books, sports, films or business. And this is a great way to connect to those who have like-minded tastes. I like the feeling of community that this site has. We get to know what the world is thinking about our work. At the same time, it allows you to share what you feel about other peoples work.

The actor also admits that what matters to him is the audiences review, and not what critics think, which is why a site like this interests him. The opinion of the audience is the most important. Since we make films, its important for us to know what people think of our work. Though, the inspiration to make films doesnt come from what people think of your movies, but nevertheless its nice to know what they think of it, says Akhtar.

Well, if this works, it be great to see how much of the film social networking translates into good quality cinema in the time to come!

The Highlights

*Its like any other Bollywood site that gives you updates about the latest movies, in terms of posters, trailers and release dates.

*You can log on to it from your Facebook or Twitter account, rate a film or give your review of a film. Also, you can see how a film is rated overall by other people in percentage form.

*It uses colloquial terms like Kamaal Hai Bay and Hatt Bay to make it reader friendly. You can also rate the film accordingly.

*It also acts as a social-networking site where there is an exchange of opinions among like-minded people and fellow movie-buffs.

Ankita R Kanabar