Felix Baumgartner hit speed of 843.6 mph during record setting skydive

Written by ANI | New York | Updated: Feb 6 2013, 00:03am hrs
Felix Baumgartner, the first man to break the sound barrier in a freefall, was faster than he or anyone else thought during his 24-mile free fall from the edge of the space.

The Austrian parachutist known as "Fearless Felix" reached 843.6 mph, according to the official numbers released.

That's equivalent to Mach 1.25, or 1.25 times the speed of sound, the New York Daily News reports.

According to the report, his top speed initially was estimated last October at 834 mph, or Mach 1.24.

Brian Utley, the official record-keeping official who was present for the Oct. 14 feat, said Baumgartner was supersonic for a half-minute, which was "quite remarkable."

His heart rate remained below 185 beats a minute, and his breathing was fairly steady.

The leap was from an altitude of 127,852 feet. That's 248 feet lower than original estimates, the report said.