F&D A570U Speakers: Big on Quality

Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | Updated: Feb 21 2013, 16:11pm hrs
F&D A570U Speakers: These speakers sound as good as they look, but are up against a lot of competition

I am not a fan of small speakers, let me admit it at the outset. It is true that the market demands increasingly smaller speakers because the major advantage is their size that makes it perfect for always-on-the-go people, but big speakers tower over little ones in three ways: they sound more realistic, they play louder with lower distortion, and they have better and deeper bass than small speakers.

Though small speakers are capable and convenient, music listening is more enjoyable with big speakers playing the entire frequency of human hearing range (20Hz-20KHz) than most of the small speakers + sub-woofer combined. This is no rocket science and any engineer with knowledge of acoustics can highlight the advantages of big speakers.

Big speakers push quantities of air to create an unmistakable and unique dynamic slam. It is more difficult for small speakers to move the same amount of air, and they can experience sound distortion as a result of too-loud volume and incorrect settings. Speakers with large dimensions are also more efficient in producing a crisper lower bass. Large speakers contain larger drive units, and these drivers equate to better bass frequency and dynamics. When it comes to size, size does matter!

I know that big speakers are out of the question for most folks, but what if there was a reasonably sized speaker that produced big-speaker sound The F&D A570U is such a speaker, probably the best-sounding tower speaker I have heard in quite some time. In my test-run, the system was sweet, detailed, dynamically alive, and very, very natural sounding.

Fenda & Audio (F&D) is a New Delhi-based fast emerging brand for multimedia speakers. Its new A57OU is a 2.1 speaker packed with delectable features and delivers fairly good sound quality for all music types. Once out of the box, it becomes evident that F&Ds latest offering meets the three key requirements something that is budget based, simple to set up and delivers good quality audio with plenty of clarity. The overall design is very good, it also occupies less space and most importantly, it is power-friendly. The product is priced at R8,890undoubtedly an attractive buy in its categoryand is ideal for a small house party. Let us find out how it stacks up in terms of features and performance.

On first impressions, the most striking feature of this black beauty is the designthe two satellite speakers towering with sleek elegance over the 30W subwoofer is an aesthetic win which also blends well with the interiors. The A570U flaunts slim design, a heavy duty attitude with metal grills and high glossy front panels, scoring high in the looks department. And the best utility to add to thisthe speakers have a plug-and-play USB/SD card reader, supporting multiple formats. Playing your favourite track loud on TV/DVD/PC is no longer a fussy activity. A mind-blasting experience is assured.

Installation was a seamless affair. I connected the speaker to a wide range of audio choicesSony TV, iPod Touch, laptop, mobile phones, DVD player. I simply hit play and sat back to relish incredible sound. Believe me, the entire living room came alive with full, clear sound with a bass that will transport you right into the heart of the sound you are listening to.

The innards of this audio phenomenon are all about thumping base and clear sound. Their wooden cabinet reduces distortion while the bass/treble/echo/mic knobs give their user a tailor made and convenient time. For loud music lovers 3-inch and 6.5-inch full and bass drivers in the satellite and sub-woofers respectively will do the needful with ease.

F&D is no stranger to making top-class speakers, and their new offering serves only to reinforce that reputation. If you are looking to maximise your audio performance on a budget, the A570U is a top choice.


* Dual 3-inch full range driver for satellites

* 6.5-inch bass driver for subwoofer

* RMS: 15W x 2 + 30W

* Heavy duty metal grill for satellite & subwoofer

* Plug & play USB/SD card reader

* Card reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding

* Side controls for volume, bass, treble, microphone volume and echo adjustment

* Dual microphone inputs

Estimated street price: Rs.8,890